What is DVD Region Protection?

Perhaps you've recently bought, or thought of buying, a DVD reproducer. You probably don't know that the DVD reproducers sold in common retail stores have a little feature called Region Protection. What is it?

The movie industry has divided the world in six regions: Region 1 includes the US and Canada, Region 2 includes Europe and Japan, and so on. It has pressured electronics and software firms to lock reproducers into one of these regions, so that a disc purchased in the US will not play in a reproducer purchased in Europe. Discs only play in reproducers of the same region. Typically, specialized magazines and industry spokespeople cite one of several factors to explain Region Protection:

In my opinion, while all these are certainly important reasons, they don't warrant making artificial barriers. If I want to buy my discs in the US and play them in Spain, that's certainly nobody's business. And if you want to buy a DVD on a trip, or buy a cheap reproducer in Taiwan, you should be able to do so.

How to avoid Region Protection